What Is A Cutting? 
A piece of a plant that has no root.

What You Will Receive When Purchasing A Succulent Cutting? 
The crown of a plant.

What You Will Receive When Purchasing A Hoya Cutting?
Whatever is indicated for that specific plant. Eg. One node, cutting, or rooted cutting. 

What Is A Rooted Cutting? 
A piece of a plant that has rooted, but not necessarily planted in soil yet.

Reasons Why Your Order Is Being Cancelled
1. Incorrect payment method is made. See Payments.
2. Ordering during the period we don't ship or when we are closed for holidays.
3. Incorrect price and quantity is selected.
4. Ordering products that are not available for shipping.

Why PayPal Payment Is Not Accepted for Pickup/Delivery Orders?
Pickup/delivery orders don't have a shipping number attached to track the order if there is an issue. If the transaction is fraudulent or a customer files a charge back, PayPal will not dispute these transactions. Due to liability and coverage, we will not accept PayPal payment for pickup and delivery orders.

Why Items Are Out Of Stock When They're Listed As In-Stock 
Website doesn't get updated in time for those customers who shop online, as items may be purchased by drop-in customers. In this case, we will send an email to notify the customer for plant replacement options or a refund on the items.

Why The Plant You Received Is Not The Same Plant Listed
Photographs of plants listed on our website are a representation of any given plant. You won't receive an identical plant, as seen in the photo, unless the plant is listed as a specimen plant.

Why The Plant I Received Is Larger Than 2.5" Pot Size?
There are occasions where the 2.5" pot is not available and we will send out a larger size at no additional cost. Alternatively, you will receive two small plants instead of one 2.5" in size.

Why Pots Are Not Being Shipped But Listing Shows 2.5" Pot?
Listing shows 2.5" pot for plant size reference. We do not ship plants with pots and soil. See Shipping Policies for more details. If you purchase on site or pickup your order in person, the plant will be in a pot.

Wholesale Account
We currently don't have a wholesale program.



How do I print this artwork?

  1. Print instantly at home.
  2. Take or email the files to your local print shop like Costco or Staples.
  3. Upload the files to an online printing service.

How to Access Your Digital Files
A download link is provided to you after the payment is made. Or, to re-download the file, a download link is provided within your receipt. Locate your receipt in your inbox and click on the link to download the file. 

Can I add custom fonts to your prints?
You are more than welcome to add fonts to the images once they are purchased.

Do you sell printed + shipped posters, instead of digital downloads?
This site does not sell printed posters. Please see our library of fine art photography prints at printphotoart.com

What type of paper do you recommend printing on?
Poster paper, matte or semi-gloss.

Matte will give it a more natural feel, while semi-gloss will be more vibrant and saturated.