Politique d'expédition

Shipping Perishable Goods Is At Your Own Risk
Unfortunately we cannot offer a guarantee on plant purchases. Although, we take great care in wrapping and packaging each plant, it is very difficult to predict if they will survive the shipping journey damage free. Damages that may occur, but not limited to include, leaves dropping, broken off shoots, shipping delays, courier mishandling, damage during transit or from packages being lost. Plants are perishable items, therefore no insurance can be bought or provided. 

If your order is lost and the content is damaged, a shipping fee refund can be requested through Canada Post (if applicable). Handling fee and the cost for any perishable items are non refundable. 


Shipping Origin / Courier
We ship from and within Canada only with Canada Post.


Estimated Process & Delivery Time
5 - 24 business days (Hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, sweatpants, joggers)
5 - 22 business days (Mugs)
7 - 14 business days (Plants)
14 - 17 business days (Embroidered aprons, socks)
14 - 16 business days (Blankets)

Note: Processing time and shipping may be delayed during any holidays.

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are calculated based on weight and destination.


Plant Processing | Packing  
Our plants are shipped bare root. To minimize the shipping cost we do not ship plants with soil and pots.
Some plants will need to be washed and dehydrated for shipping. Allow a minimum of 14 days to process the order. 


Shipping Day  
Ship on Monday or Tuesday. 
Shipping may not be available on weeks with a long weekend as the post office is closed, in order to minimize the idle time plants spend in sorting facilities. This only applies to orders that will take more than 3 days in transit.


Shipping Rates  
Expedited Shipping 5 - 10 Days
Delivery estimate maybe as early as 2 - 3 days for Ontario and Quebec customers.
Customers who are in (SK, MB, AB, BC, NS, NB, NFL, PEI, NT, NU, YT), your parcel most likely will take over 5 business days to arrive. If you are purchasing (hoya, dischidia, pilea, and peperomia), you must go with express shipping. These plants are sensitive and may not last in transit over 5 days. For alternative shipping option see below for "Provide Your Own Shipping Label" or email us for more options. 

Maximum weight: 4 LB.

Xpress Shipping 3 - 5 Days
Recommended for SK, MB, AB, BC, NS, NB, NFL, PEI, NT, NU, YT customers and for customers who purchase hoya, dischidia, pilea, and peperomia. 

Maximum weight: 4 LB.

Note: A $10 processing/handling fee is included in the shipping rate. 


Provide Your Own Shipping Label  
If you would like to provide your own shipping label:
- Your order must be paid by e-transfer.
- $10 handling/material fees must be paid in full.
- You must schedule a courier pickup at our location. Do Not schedule a pickup without confirmation from us.
- Your shipping label must be received by Sunday or one day before we ship.
- Orders cancelled after 72 hours or on the day scheduled for shipping will be subject to a $10 repotting fee.

1. Place your order. 
2. Select e-transfer payment at checkout, but DO NOT send the payment until we confirm your order. 
3. Let us know by email that you will be providing your own label, so further instructions will be given by us.
4. Payment can be made by e-transfer after all the arrangements are done.


Winter Shipping
November - April     
We only ship xpress post during the winter months.

Winter Shipping Rates
Prices may vary depending on location and will be calculated at checkout.


Click here to purchase a heat pack for your order.

Heat packs are mandatory and do not guarantee plants will survive, but heat packs offer a higher survival rate. The duration of heat pack use is based on the estimate of X amount of day(s) to arrive for that order. Please take into consideration that there might be delays with couriers for unforeseen reasons. 
We reserve the right NOT to include a heat pack when we feel it unnecessary and under certain weather conditions. If a heat pack is charged on the order, but was not required at shipping time, we will refund the heat pack cost.

NO guarantee and/or refund if plants get damaged during shipping. Customers are advised to check the tracking number for updates to parcel arrival date.
Orders can take up to 3 weeks to process during the winter months.

No Recipient or Returned Parcel  
If a parcel is refused or returned to us - the buyer is responsible for any return postage fees applied by the courier or delivery service. All shipping fees are non refundable.