Hello, I'm Diana...

I'm a graphic designer by trade and I have many passions... I created Grow Something to share my love for plants, photography and graphic arts with like minded peeps. As an artist, I crave to create and have a varied interest in learning and making things. Over the years, I've been very lucky and grateful to have accumulated great support from many customers. Thank you.

the beginning. 
Grow Something was created in 2012 when I was taking a break from my design career. I needed to do something that made me happy, so I took up organic gardening as a hobby and learned to grow plants without using synthetic fertilizer. Succulents and orchids are the only plants I could keep alive due to my busy schedule as a graphic designer. Over the years, I experimented with different growing mediums, how to cultivate plants and ways to propagate succulents. I was so good at making baby plants, I thought I might be able to sell them as a side gig. I never would have believed it could turn into a full time business! I’m on my way to becoming an urban farm girl. 👩‍🌾  

My business model is unconventional as I don’t want to get tied down renting a store while paying premium rent in Toronto and staying open 7 days a week. I think they called us the 'lazy millennials' who don't want to work, but I think life is too short to be working for that many hours for someone else! I'm better spending that energy on growing my business and doing what I love. I really believe in "Do what you love and the money will follow". At the end of the day, I don't get rich growing plants or being creative, but it does pay the bills. Also, it allows me to have flexibility with my time doing the things I enjoy. 

For the first six years, I rented my parents' backyard to grow my business and later when the pandemic hit in 2020 I moved my business home to South Etobicoke Ontario. Working out of my parents' property was great as their house was on the subway line. It was very convenient for many carless customers to visit. I also got free food and saw my parents often, but I sure don't miss sitting in traffic on the Don Valley "Parking Lot" now that I'm working from home.

When you come to visit, what you’ll find is a low key and friendly atmosphere and a walk through my little succulent 🌵container garden! And, maybe munch on some berries and rare tomatoes.


In memory of Dexter❤️ & Dobey❤️