For customers who place orders online for shipping.
We only accept Paypal or E-transfer

For customers who place orders online for pick-up in person or for delivery service.
We only accept E-transfer

For customers who pay for onsite purchases. 
We only accept Cash or E-transfer

To minimize chargeback and fraud, please use the correct payment method to prevent your order from being cancelled.

E-transfer Payment 

Orders made by e-transfer payment must be received within 24 hours, otherwise orders will automatically be cancelled without notification.


            After placing your order, please send an Email money transfer to the following:   
            Recipient: Use YOUR NAME so that we can find your order quickly.
            Message: Your 10 digits order number (You will find this in your confirmation order email).
            If Applicable

            Secret Question: "What is my order number?"
            Secret Answer: Your 10 digits order number (You will find this in your confirmation order email).
            For security reasons we will not accept e-transfers that don't comply with these instructions.

 Before You Transfer Fund 
    • Ensure to add shipping fee to your order. 
    • Ensure the minimum purchase is $20+ (before tax, exclude shipping fee and winter extras)


Custom Order Deposit
If an order is cancelled by the customer, the deposit payment is non-refundable. Non-refundable deposits only apply to orders that are deliverable by Grow Something. If the goods are not deliverable for any unforeseen reason by Grow Something the full deposit amount will be refunded.

All Sales are Final 
All orders are final sales for online and on-site.

On-site Purchase
We encourage all customers to inspect their plant purchase before leaving.
Exchanges will only be made if plants are heavily infested with bugs (a couple mealies or aphid does not count as heavy infestation). 

Exchange is Voided When:

    • The items are returned 7 days after the purchase date.

    • Goods are damaged.

    • Plants are manipulated (washing the plant, repotting, cutting and etc). The plant should be in its original state.

Shipping Fee
Shipping is non-refundable if order is shipped.

Plant prices are subject to change.

Price listed does not include tax.


Shipping Orders
Cancellations after 72 hours of making a purchase will be subject to a 10% handling/repotting fee no less than $5.
If orders are cancelled after shipping is prepared and boxed, they are subject to the following charges:

        • 10% handling/repotting fee no less than $5

        • Winter shipping extras is not refundable (if applicable)
        • Shipping fee, if order is already shipped

        • Rerouting fee by Canada Post if order is already shipped. Fee will vary by location

Pick Up Orders
No cancellation fee.

• E-transfer payments are required. Paypal payments are not accepted
• Signature/ID of the recipient is required
• No drop-off