Sempervivum Calcareum 'Nigricans'

Sempervivum Calcareum 'Nigricans'


Sempervivum is commonly known as houseleek and is native to the mountains of southern Europe. They are very drought tolerant and hardy to the Canadian winter. The sempervivum we offer can survive under –40 celsius. They thrive in sandy soil and in full sun. If planted in a container, a well drained mix should be used and it shouldn’t be watered until the soil has completely dried out. Semps will benefit from light feeding, such as worm castings.

LIGHT | Full sun to light Shade

TEMPERATURE | Perennial 

WATER | Low water

SOIL PH | Unknown

PROPAGATION METHODS | From chicks/young plants

NOTE | Thrive in the ground than pot. Need winter dormancy to grow healthy during the growing season.