then---  I used to design beautiful things on print, ---now  I want to create beautiful things with succulents. 

  the beginning.  
Grow Something was discovered in 2012 when I was taking a break from my design career. I need to do something that makes me happy, so I took up organic gardening as a hobby and learned to grow plant without using synthetic fertilizer. Succulents and orchids are the only plants I could keep alive due to my busy schedule as a graphic designer. Over the years, I experimented with different mediums, how to cultivate plant and ways to propagate succulents. I was so good at making baby plants I thought I could sell plants as a side gig and I would never thought it could turn into a full time business. I’m on my way to become a urban farm girl. 👩‍🌾  My business model is unconventional as I don’t want to get tie down to renting a store, paying premium rent in Toronto, and open 7 days a week. Life is too short to be working for too many hours. Renting a backyard meets my business niche so don’t expect a storefront when you visit, expect a succulent container garden!

Garden is located in Toronto East York

165 King Edward Ave.    |    Text/Call 416 898 7646    |