Tillandsia Butzii

Tillandsia Butzii

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SMALL  |  2" - 3"

MEDIUM  |  4" - 6"

LARGE  |  7" - 8"

LIGHT | Bright shade


WATER | Plant can be mist or soak. If mist make sure plant get drenched in water (3 times a week). If soak, submerge plant in water for 15 minutes once a week (plant thrive with soaking method.) 

FERTILIZE | Bromeliad fertilizer (dilute to 1/4 of recommended strength).


Potted plants are shipped bare root. Available for pick up in person.


In order to prevent plant damage due to inclement weather conditions, we do not ship to cold climates from November through to May. However, we would be glad to hold your order until the weather is warm enough for shipping. An alternative option would be to use a pick up or delivery service. We apologize for any inconvenience.